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Amazon Prime NFL is offered for any Amazon Prime member. Finally you all Amazon Prime users can watch NFL Thursday Football directly via Amazon Prime Video platform.

For the first time in decades, ratings are down. With a presidential election and a surplus of sports, viewership has been split all over several networks. However, that hasn’t stopped Amazon Prime from trying to deliver a platform for viewership. Despite the ratings being record lows for the NFL season, Amazon Prime is trying to make its platform the bona fide spot for Thursday Night Football. 

What Is Amazon Prime NFL?

For starters, Amazon Prime NFL is an add-on feature for those that have an Amazon Prime account. Starting on Thursday, October 8th, Amazon Prime Thursday Night Football became a weekly tradition. Amazon Prime offered an option to re-watch the top plays from the game in real-time instead of waiting for the broadcast to review the footage. Also, NFL Amazon Prime offers the “X-ray functionality” feature, which offers stats specific to the plays such as running speeds, time to throw, relevant milestones, and trivia. 

The overwhelming appeal to using Amazon Prime NFL is that you can watch live Thursday Night Football games. With the subscription of an Amazon Prime account, you can access both the live feed and the X-Ray functionality option. You can access all of this with your Android or iOS device, or if you own a Fire Stick/Fire TV. 

Side Features

Along with live streams, Amazon Prime NFL members will have access to an assortment of other appealing features. Fans have the option to choose between a different group of announcers. This year, Amazon Prime NFL members can watch the “Scout’s Feed,” which shows off former NFL scouts, and current podcasters, Bucky Books, Daniel Jeremiah, and Joy Taylor. 

Prime Video will also allow fans to watch original content that has been in collaboration with NFL Films, but these will be exclusively on Twitch.  These shows feature former NFL players, such as The NFL Comment Box, hosted by Kyle Long and Andrew Hawkins, and The NFL Machine, also hosted by Long and Chad Hawkins. 

Amazon Prime NFL users will have access to all of this content in their native language as well. For Prime members in the United States and Mexico, fans will have access to the FOx Deportes Spanish language broadcast option. 

What Games Are Available?

Here are the remaining slate of Thursday Night Football games through Amazon Prime. One disclaimer is that the game between the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints on Christmas Day is actually going to be on a Friday. All games are broadcasted through FOX or NFL Network. 

  • Nov 5 – Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers
  • Nov 12 – Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans
  • Nov 19 – Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks
  • Dec 3 – Dallas Cowboys at Baltimore Ravens
  • Dec 10 – New England Patriots at Los Angeles Rams
  • Dec 17 – Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders
  • Dec 25 – Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints

Amazon Prime Add-On Channels

Amazon Prime NFL has access to live Thursday Night Football games, but does not have access to NFL RedZone. However, it does have access to NFL Network if you download the app through Amazon Channels and pay a monthly subscription to NFL Game Pass. In addition to free live sports, you can expand your access to more games and different sports through Amazon Channels. These channels can be added to your Amazon Prime subscription. Most of these channels can be free, but might require a monthly fee to receive expanded access. 

When you access Amazon Channels, you will click on the channel that you wish to add. You can add the channel on the computer, or you can do it on your steaming device. Again, accessing more in-depth coverage, or potentially live events for other sports, might cost a monthly fee, such as NFL Network. However, Thursday Night Football with Amazon Prime is free as long as you have a Prime subscription. 

Is NFL free on Amazon Prime?

Watching Amazon Prime Thursday Night Football is not free because you must pay a monthly subscription. This membership costs $12.99 monthly. 

Which football games are on Amazon Prime?

All Thursday NIght Football games from now to the end of the season will be live streamed. The only exception is December 25th, which is on a Friday. 

How can I watch Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime?

With Amazon Prime Video, as long as you are subscribed to Amazon Prime, you can access Thursday Night Football. 

Does Amazon Prime have NFL RedZone?

No, Amazon Prime does not carry Redzone. 

Can you watch NFL Network on Amazon Prime?

You can access NFL Network as long as you download the NFL app through Amazon Channels. In addition, you must have an NFL Game Pass. 

Where can I watch NFL RedZone?

You must have a subscription to Sunday NFL Ticket, FuboTV, Sling, or YouTube TV. If you have one of these options, you can purchase a sports package and NFL RedZone for an additional charge.

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