AT&T TV: The Most Underrated Place to watch Playoff Football


AT&T TV Now is a thing of the past. Customers can no longer sign up for live television streaming services that are in comparison to YouTube TV or Hulu Live. Instead, new customers can sign up for AT&T TV. It is now the one-stop virtual TV service. 

Users no longer have to pay an annual contract and it does not require anyone to own AT&T TV hardware. For anyone that owns an Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Roku, will be able to stream their favorite AT&T TV channels. Three different pricing types offer more streaming options as the price goes up. For value and simplicity, AT&T is trying to bring a brand new experience. 

What is AT&T TV?

This is another service option provided for those that do not want to set up a cable connection and stream their content from their respective device. Over a high-speed internet connection, it brings live TV, sports, on-demand movies, and offers Cloud DVR. For extra, you can access HBO, Netflix, Pandora, and potentially over 5,000 apps on Google Play with a valid Google login. If you own a Voice Remote, you can complete all your tasks over voice with Google Assistant. 

What hardware is needed?

When you subscribe, you are given a proprietary entertainment device that allows you to access the AT&T TV network. It becomes the hub of your home and that is where you can access your favorite apps, sports, and Cloud DVR. 

What can you access with AT&T TV?

When you subscribe, you can access all of the following: 

  • Live television and sports
  • A voice remote that connects you to Google Assistant
  • Voice control over your TV and smart home devices
  • Local sports channels like ESPN, FS1, and NBC Sports Network
  • Access to 5,000 apps through Google Play Store
  • On-Demand movies
  • 500 hours of Cloud DVR storage

The price of AT&T TV

You have the option to pick and choose the package that you want. There are three different choices that you can choose. All choices are without tax. 

Option 1: Entertainment Package

The first option includes 65+ channels. Some of the top channels in this package include ESPN, TNT, Nickelodeon, and HGTV. This costs $69.99 per month. You have access to live TV, 40,000 on-demand titles, and 20 hours of cloud DVR storage. For $10 extra per month, your storage could extend to 500 hours. 

Option 2: Choice Package

This package features access to live television, 45,000 on-demand titles, and 20 hours of cloud DVR storage. It offers the same deal for 500 hours. You can get HBO Max included for one year. After one year, HBO Max automatically renews for the current price of $14.99 per month, unless you change or cancel. It also offers the 2020-2021 NBA League Pass Premium, which offers all access to NBA games. In the end, you get all the perks of the entertainment package with an additional 20 channels. This package costs $84.99 per month. 

Option 3: Ultimate Package

This is considered the best package for sports and movie lovers. You receive access to 130+ channels, including regional sports networks. Along with live television, you are granted access to 55,000 on-demand titles, HBO Max, and the NBA Pass Premium. In addition to all the channels from the Choice package, you have access to 40 additional channels. This package costs $94.99 per month. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AT&T TV?

his service provides live TV, sports, on-demand movies, and offers Cloud DVR. For additional costs, you can upgrade your packages to receive access to move channels. 

How much is AT&T TV?

Three options range from around $70 to $95. Some options include HBO Max and the NBA Pass Premium. 

How can I upgrade AT&T TV?

You can access your account and choose one of the other options at any time. You can also downgrade if you feel the cost is too much. 

How does AT&T TV work?

Customers receive a set-top box that has a preloaded AT&T TV service with a remote. 

Do I have to have an AT&T phone to access this?

No. Anybody can sign up even if you do not receive cellular service from here.