CBS All Access – Stream Super Bowl LV + NFL Playoffs


For now, enjoy CBS All Access until it is gone in a month. The platform will become Paramount on March 4 but you can’t beat the cheap deal that is laid out for the NFL playoffs. With two of the final three playoff games set to stream on CBS, the cost of $9.99 might be worth it. 

CBS All-Access Origins

CBS All-Access shows were launched in the later part of 2014 with the original cost of $5.99 per month. There was also an option for no commercials and that was $9.99 per month. It was streamed through, mobile apps, as well as tablets or computers.

Sports Programming

Due to streaming rights, some sports were not able to be watched through the streaming service. That included the PGA Tour, some local NFL games, and CBS Sports Spectacular. By December 2016, CBS announced that they had come to an agreement with the NFL to allow regional NFL games to be covered on CBS Sports NFL. By 2018, the NFL and the service came to an agreement where the Super Bowl could be live-streamed.


.In 2017, nearly 1.5 million subscribers were listed for the service. This was enough for CBS to expand their markets outside of the United States. Canada became the first international partner. Thanks to shows like Star Trek: Discovery, CBS All-Access grew to over two million subscribers. In 2019, CBS reported its biggest increase when the premier of Discovery was released.

CBS All Access: The Cheapest Option

This gives you access to all shows that are streamed through CBS, as well as live coverage to shows or sports. With this platform, you will be able to watch the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills on Sunday. 

The Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers play on FOX, so you would miss at least one championship game. However, with the Super Bowl set to stream on CBS, you would be able to enjoy most of the remaining NFL playoffs as well as Super Bowl LV Feb 4th 2021.  

The Competition With CBS All Access

The main competition with this platform is Hulu Live. Hulu Live costs $64.99 per month and that is without the option that limits ads. There are cheaper options out there such as Sling TV. However, if you are not careful, your subscription could be close to $100 after buying both Orange and Blue packages with additional add-ons. 

Even with the high price, it is still cheaper than most cable packages. Not to mention, you can record the games if you know you won’t be able to watch.

Hulu Live vs CBS All-Access

Hulu Live offers more channels because it is not tied to CBS All-Access shows entirely. With Hulu Live, you can access CBS, FOX, NBC, and more. It does cost more but that is because you are open to more of a variety. Compared to the other option, Hulu Live offers more than just one platform. 

Which is Better?

Is better the right word for this question? Not exactly. If you are somebody that wants to watch the Super Bowl, you are essentially spending a $10 fee to watch it. If you start this week, you get two games for $10 and that is not a steep price. Compared to going to a bar, this is already the cheaper option. 

However, for $65, you can watch the remainder of the NFL playoffs and get cable for a month. If you know you won’t be around on Sunday, you can DVR the games and watch them later. Look at the extensive price as a convenience fee. Either way, it’s going to come down to what you can afford in your budget. 

Becoming Paramount+

In late 2019, it was announced that there would be a re-merger between CBS Corporation and Viacom. Originally, ViacomCBS was going to launch a premium streaming service that showed content from Paramount Pictures and Pluto TV. It was going to include Showtime as well. After going back and forth with talks, it was announced that CBS All-Access would rebrand as Paramount+. The name switch was due to Paramount being recognized more as an international brand. It’s expected to launch fully on March 4, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBS All-Access?

This online streaming service is a one-stop platform for all shows and live events on CBS.

How much is CBS All Access?

Base packages run at $5.99, but the package with no commercials is $9.99.

How to stream CBS NFL games.

Among platforms like Hulu Live, YouTube Live, Fubo, or Sling, you can purchase CBS All-Access at a lower cost to stream CBS sports.

Is CBS All Access the best option to stream NFL playoffs?

This platform will allow you to watch two of the three remaining playoff games, including the Super Bowl.

What NFL game is on CBS in my area?

The final game, the Super Bowl, will be broadcasted in all networks on February 7, 2021.

How to cancel CBS All-Access?

You can access your account settings, and then scroll down to cancel subscription.