DirecTV – The home of NFL Sunday Ticket & RedZone


Based in El Segundo, California, DirecTV is an American broadcast satellite service provider. It is currently a subsidiary of AT&T. Launched in 1994, this provider provides cable but has started to develop a strong sport streaming service. It’s primary competition includes Dish Network, Orby TV, and other cable providers. 

History of DirecTV

Since 2012, DirecTV has made a bid towards raising ratings through American football. DirecTV began to stream RedZone as part of their NFL Sunday Ticket package. In 2015, AT&T acquired the platform and now runs a live streaming service, which has had over 18 million subscribers as of 2020.  

The start of DirecTV

Before DirecTV, Howard Hughes created the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, which turned into Hughes Electronics in 1953. This title held its own until the 1990s, where Hughes and other companies believed that digital technology would be on the rise. Hughes tried to create a joint venture with NBC and Cablevision but was unsuccessful. 

In 1990, Hughes and the company created DirecTV as a separate division and secured an agreement with USSB. Thus, began the era of satellite television. The joint venture of DirecTv and USSB began in 1994. 

The transition of DirecTV

As of 1996, the stock for the market was growing, which meant DirecTV was about to be on the rise. In September 2001, News Corporation began negotiations to acquire Hughes Electronics. If acquired, this would allow News Corporation to expand its Sky Global Networks in the United States. The agreement was settled in October for $26 billion.  However, the deal fell through after opposition from the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission for antitrust concerns. The two companies withdrew their contract in December 2002. 

However, in 2003, News Corporation bought a 34% controlling interest and by 2004, the company was focused purely on satellite television. By 2007, DirecTV began to fully expand. This included streaming to other parts of the country. During the mid-2000s, the company offered a sports package, which also included NFL RedZone. In 2015, AT&T offered live-internet streaming services. 

The first 4K definition

In 2014, the station became the first provider to offer 4K ultra-high-definition content. At first, this content was limited to renting a small library of on-demand options. The subscriber could download from the Genie DVR. In 2015, DirecTV introduced set-top boxes, which could connect to any HDMI device to provide 4K video. One year later, sports were broadcasted live in 4K to eligible subscribers. 

What does AT&T offer?

When you subscribe, you can access all of the following: 

  • Live television and sports
  • A voice remote that connects you to Google Assistant
  • Voice control over your TV and smart home devices
  • Local sports channels like ESPN, FS1, and NBC Sports Network
  • Access to 5,000 apps through Google Play Store
  • On-Demand movies
  • 500 hours of Cloud DVR storage

Sports & DirecTV

Over the years, DirecTV has allowed fans to catch live games.  The service has provided CBS, NBC, Fox, and ABC. In terms of other sports channels, it has included ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, FS1, NFL Network, and other sports channels. 

You can expand your sports experience by purchasing the Ultimate Package. This package includes MLB Network, NBA Network, NHL Network, and Sky Sports. Not to mention, NFL Sunday Ticket is paired and you can get access to NFL RedZone. 

The Ultimate Package

In the end, DirecTV offers everything you would want in a cable package. It all comes down to price. DirecTV offers multiple packages but the best is the Ultimate Package. This package offers: 

  • This is considered the best package for sports and movie lovers. 
  • Access to 130+ channels, including regional sports networks. 
  • Along with live television, you are granted access to 55,000 on-demand titles, HBO Max, and the NBA Pass Premium. 
  • Access to 40 additional channels. 
  • This package costs $94.99 per month. 

The Premier Package is $134.99 per month and offers everything in the Ultimate Package but also the 2021 NFL Sunday Ticket with no extra charge. 

Directv NFL Sunday Ticket

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket offers complete coverage to all NFL games on Sunday. It gets you every out of the market game during the season. The cost is about $294 per season. With that cost, you are given access to NFL RedZone. This channel shows all the major plays throughout the day, including all scoring plays. It’s a true football fan’s dream, as well as a great addition to keeping up with fantasy football.

DirecTV RedZone

DirectTV RedZone is a special gameday broadcast that stems from the NFL Network and is commercial-free. When a team enters the red zone (inside the 20-yard line), the network will switch over to that channel, so fans can see a potential scoring play. These are considered the most exciting plays of the game. This is not offered for Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, nor Monday Night Football.


NBC is apart of the basic DirecTV package and offers Sunday Night Football each week. This channel does not stream games during the morning or afternoon session. For the whole season, fans can watch the primetime game on NBC with a combination of either Mike Tirico, Al Michaels, or Cris Collinsworth calling the game.

FOX News DirecTV

Unlike NBC, FOX shows at least one game each Sunday, sometimes two. Typically, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman get the primetime game for FOX. In the past, the Dallas Cowboys are a popular team that is on FOX. Last season, the Cowboys were televised six times. The pregame show with Chris Menefee, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Michael Strahan, and Jimmy Johnson is a fan favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV? 

You can get NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV if you are a college student, while some options are offered by Amazon Prime.

How to program a DirecTV remote?

You can program a DirecTV remote by pressing the menu, select settings, remote control, program control, choose the device, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

What channel is Fox on DirecTV? 

You will find FOX on channel 359 or HD on 360.

What channel is ESPN on Directv? 

You will find ESPN on channel 206.

How much is NFL Sunday Ticket?

NFL Sunday Ticket costs around $294 for the entire season.