NFL Playoff Bracket


The 2019-2020 NFL Playoff Bracket were filled with drama. At the end of the regular season in 2020, the Seattle Seahawks faced off against the San Francisco 49ers. The winner would win the NFC West division. If the Niners won, they would clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs. In a thrilling game that saw the Niners win by making a tackle just a yard short of the end zone, they clinched home field advantage for the playoffs.

Over in the AFC, the Baltimore Ravens had clinched home field advantage as they dominated the competition in the regular season. But, it was the Tennessee Titans who caught fire at the end of the year, gaining momentum heading into the playoffs.

Each conference battled it out as only two teams would be able to move onto Super Bowl LV (54), down in Miami, Florida.

2019-2020 NFL Playoffs

A reminder of how the NFL Playoffs looked for last years Super Bowl – for those whom wanted a quick recap.

Wild Card weekend was indeed wild and produced the following results.

Minnesota Vikings defeat New Orleans Saints, 26-20 (OT)

Seattle Seahawks defeat Philadelphia Eagles, 17-9

Tennessee Titans defeat New England Patriots, 20-13

Houston Texans defeat Buffalo Bills, 22-19 (OT)

In the Divisional Round, the only close game came down in Green Bay, where the Packers defeated the Seahawks, 28-23. Every other game was a blow out.

In the Conference Championship, we saw the Niners manhandle the Packers, along with the Chiefs rallying late in the first half to take out the Tennessee Titans.

Super Bowl 54 was hosted by FOX network and featured a great game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. Down 10, late in the fourth quarter, the Chiefs made an all-time comeback. Mahomes threw for two touchdowns, giving his team the lead and ultimately, helping them win their first ever Super Bowl.

This was a very popular Super Bowl, as it got nearly 100 million views, according to Fox Sports. When you account for streaming services, there was an overall total 148.5 million viewers.

NFL Playoff Bracket 2020 — What It Will Look Like

With the NFL Owners approving a new playoff format here are how the 2020-2021 NFL Playoffs will work.

  • 1 team from each conference receives a bye week. 1 extra Wild Card spot. 14 total teams make the playoffs.
  • Wild Card — 2 seed host 7. 3 seed host 6. 4 seed host 5.
  • Divisional Round — 1 seed host winner of 4 versus 5. Winners of 2 versus 7 and 3 versus 6 face each other with highest seed hosting.
  • Conference Championship — winners of divisional round face each other with the highest seed hosting.
  • Super Bowl — 2 conference champions face each other.

This means that on Wild Card weekend, we will be treated to 3 games from each conference. The typical broadcasting networks of the Wild Card are NBC, ESPN, FOX, CBS. If you have local cable, you can download one of these apps on your smartphones and/or tablet. Log in using your cable provider, and you will be able to stream from their.

Also, keep in mind there are other streaming services available such as NFL Game Pass, YouTube TV and FuboTV, that allow you to stream those specific channels.

This year, the host of the Super Bowl will be CBS Network. Super Bowl 55 will take place in Tampa Bay, Florida. With the national pandemic still very much a thing, only a limited number of fans will be in attendance. As a result, expect the TV ratings for the playoffs and Super Bowl, to be higher than usual.

How To Stream the NFL Playoffs

NBC, CBS, ESPN, and FOX are the host of the playoffs. You can stream through a cable subscription or through services such as FuboTV, YouTube TV, NFL Game Pass.

What is the NFL Schedule?

There are 9 more weeks left in the regular season. The playoffs begin in mid January and will end in early February.

How Many Teams Make Playoffs?

14. 7 from each conference. The best division winner gets a bye week. The other three will host a home playoff game. Then, there are 3 Wild Card teams with the seeding depending on who has the best record.

Will the Playoffs be delayed due to COVID-19?

No. The NFL has announced that in case of another COVID-19 breakout, there will be an extra week added to the regular season.

Where is the Super Bowl this year?

This year, the Super Bowl will take place in Tampa Bay, Florida. It has already been announced a limited amount of fans will be allowed to attend the big game.