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NFL Thursday has become a common day of action throughout the season for NFL fans over the past couple of years. It gives fans the opportunity to watch a rare midweek game, and these TNF fixtures have often made for some of the most entertaining during the regular season. You will be able to learn all about the history of games on NFL Thursday here, as well as the TNF games that are coming up over the forthcoming season.

What Is NFL Thursday?

NFL Thursday will give fans the opportunity to watch some of the most exciting sides in the NFL on Thursday night. There is typically one NFL game per round that is played on a Thursday, with huge games taking place on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day also counted towards this package. Meanwhile, the opening game of the season also typically takes place on NFL Thursday.

There have been multiple examples of NFL Thursday games being must-see, with the most recent of those coming in 2007. In that season, the New England Patriots needed to win on the final Thursday Night Football fixture to close out a perfect regular season, which they did.

How To Watch NFL Thursday?

NFL Thursday games are spread across a number of different networks, with NBC getting exclusive coverage for the opening Thursday Night Football of the season and the game played on Thanksgiving. The NFL Network gets three exclusive TNF games, while the remaining Thursday Night Football fixtures can all be watched on the NFL Network, Amazon Prime and FOX.

FOX, Amazon Prime and the NFL Network will broadcast every game throughout the regular season, excluding round one and the Thanksgiving game. The Thanksgiving fixture and the opening game of the NFL season are both exclusive for NBC. Customers looking to watch NFL Thursday will need to pay an annual price of $184.99 for the NHL Network, or $8.99 per month for Amazon Prime. Both of these subscriptions come with a free trial. Amazon Prime’s trial lasts for 30-days, while the NFL Network trial lasts for seven days.

FOX and NBC packages are better suited for customers that don’t want to stream TNF games and would prefer to add it onto an existing television package. FOX will cost $60 for the basic package, while NBC will cost $25 per month. Both of these channels will also be available on other platforms such as fuboTV and Sling TV.

NFL Thursday History

The NFL began to broadcast games on a Thursday back in 2006. At this point, the games were part of the ‘Run to the Playoffs’ package that was available on the NFL Network. Initially, this saw five games played on Thursday’s towards the end of the NFL season. However, this changed in 2012, with the biggest change being that games would be played on Thursdays from the second week of the season.

The package shifted again two years later, as the CBS network became the rightsholder. This meant that they had nine exclusive games live on Thursdays, and also produced the remainder of the games to broadcast on the network. A second rightsholder was brought in two years later, as NBC joined CBS. This saw both networks get five more games per week.

This changed again two years ago, as FOX brought the rights to the NFL games. The current Thursday Night Football deal that they have will run until the end of the 2022 season. However, the biggest announcement regarding TNF came recently, as it was revealed that Amazon Prime had acquired streaming rights for the NFL Thursday games. The most recent deal, which was agreed in April, will also see Amazon get one exclusive NFL Thursday fixture.

NFL Thursday Fixtures

  • 10th September- Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs (NBC)
  • 17th September- Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns (NFL Network)
  • 24th September- Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL Network)
  • 1st October- Denver Broncos @ New York Jets (NFL Network)
  • 8th October- Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Chicago Bears (NFL Network, Amazon Prime, FOX)
  • 15th October- Kansas City Chiefs @ Buffalo Bills (NFL Network, Amazon Prime, FOX)
  • 22nd October- New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles (NFL Network, Amazon Prime, FOX)
  • 29th October- Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers (NFL Network, Amazon Prime, FOX)
  • 5th November- Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers (NFL Network, Amazon Prime, FOX)
  • 12th November- Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans (NFL Network, Amazon Prime, FOX)
  • 19th November- Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks (NFL Network, Amazon Prime, FOX)
  • 26th November- Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers (NBC)
  • 3rd December- Dallas Cowboys @ Baltimore Ravens (NFL Network, Amazon Prime, FOX)
  • 10th December- New England Patriots @ Los Angeles Rams (NFL Network, Amazon Prime, FOX)
  • 17th December- Los Angeles Chargers @ Las Vegas Raiders (NFL Network, Amazon Prime, FOX)
  • 25th December- Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints (NFL Network, Amazon Prime, FOX)

Sunday Night Football

NFL Thursday is one of the most exciting days of the week for fans, but if your team isn’t playing in that fixture, then you will need to wait until Sunday Night Football. The majority of the teams will play on Sunday, and there will be action throughout the day on the NFL Network. There is also a kickoff show to get the rundown on the latest news, while the RedZone is extremely popular among fans that want to see the touchdowns as they are scored.

When Did The First NFL Thursday Game Take Place?

This first NFL game to take place on a Thursday came back in 2006. It became a prominent part of the schedule in 2012.

Which Teams Are Playing This Thursday?

You will be able to find a full rundown of the games that you will be able to watch on NFL Thursday above.

Are There NFL Games On Amazon Prime?

Yes. Amazon Prime will stream eleven games this season, which also includes one game that will be exclusively live to the site. You will also be able to watch games throughout the season on the NFL Network, FOX and NBC.