NFL Total Access brings a worth cast of football knowledge


Among the top programming on NFL Network, NFL Total Access treats fans to all of the top plays from Sunday’s games. It’s one of the few shows in the United States and the United Kingdom that is a year-round football show. It has been a mainstay on NFL Network, running at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time since 2014. 

The show is primarily hosted by MJ Acosta-Ruiz. It brings a unique group of analysts and guest appearances that range from Hall of Fame worthy players to Pro Bowl mainstays. Lindsay Rhodes was the longest-tenured host as she has held that position from 2011 to 2020, while Terrell Davis had been associated with the show from 2003 until 2020. 

NFL Network

NFL Network features shows like NFL Total Access, NFL GameDay, and Path to the Draft. Along with coverage of the National Football League, this network provides 24 hours of everything related to football, past and present. Along with documentaries, NFL Network features shows that cover some of the greatest seasons or games in our history. Along with that, it provides experts that give their analysis during the fantasy football season.

Who is on NFL Total Access?

The NFL Total Access cast on NFL Network is headlined by main analysts David Carr, Kurt Warner, Willie McGinest, and DeAngelo Hall. The guest analysts may include, James Jones, Maurice Jones-Drew, Shaun O’Hare, Michael Robinson, Steve Smith Sr., and DeMarcus Ware. 

The headliners

Carr is a former quarterback that spent the bulk of his career with the Houston Texans and New York Giants. In 2011, he won a Super Bowl as a backup quarterback to Eli Manning. In 2006, he led the league in completion percentage; however, most of his career numbers were outweighed by interceptions compared to touchdowns. Warner is a former quarterback that led both the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl and is a former passing leader.

Hall is a former Pro Bowl cornerback that once recorded four interceptions in a single football game. McGinest might have the most decorated career out of the entire panel, having won three Super Bowl titles with the New England Patriots. He was named to two different all-decade teams with New England. 

The guest panel

Also on the NFL Total Access cast features some other worthy names. Davis is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame after a standout career with the Denver Broncos. He is a two-time Super Bowl champion, a Super Bowl MVP, and set the record for rushing yards in a season. Jones-Drew is a former Jacksonville Jaguars running back that led the league in rushing in 2011, while Steve Smith Sr. is a Multi-Pro Bowl wide receiver that spent the bulk of his career with the Carolina Panthers. 

DeMarcus Ware won a Super Bowl with the Broncos in 2015 and will likely make the Hall of Fame one day. Robinson won a Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks as a full back and made a Pro Bowl appearance in 2011. O’Hara won a Super Bowl with the New York Giants and was a three-time Pro Bowler from 2008-2010. As for Jones, he won a Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers and once led the league in touchdowns in 2012. 

NFL Total Access show segments

NFL Total Access features analysis, opinions, and breakdownså of the games from week to week on NFL Network but the show also implements segments within the show. Some of these segments are well-liked by the viewers. Some of these segments are listed down below. 

The rundown of NFL Total Access segments

The following are bits that you will see on the show NFL Total Access throughout the programming.

  • Sounds of the Game provides day-by-day sounds from the sidelines. 
  • NFL News and Notes discuss the latest on trade rumors, injury report listings, and reactions. 
  • Highlights are exactly what it sounds like as it dives into the highlights of the games.
  • Best in the Biz features a special guest that will give a top-5 list of a given player’s position. 
  • NFL Team Cam shows a live feed of any given NFL team’s headquarters at any given time. 
  • Official Review features a special appearance from NFL Vice President of Officiating Carl Johnson, and he breaks down the officiating calls on Wednesdays. 
  • Around the League features Jason LaCanfora giving league-wide updates. 
  • Path to the Draft features Mike Mayock looking at some of the best college football players in the game. 
  • Nike Rewind pairs music with the top highlights on Mondays and Tuesdays. 
  • Four downs are when four topics are discussed at the end of the show. 

NFL Total Access vs the competition

What makes NFL Total Access appealing to the viewers is that it gives a Sportscenter vibe to the show. The only difference is that the station is NFL Network and not ESPN. The best part is that all the content and segments are centered around football. The panel is made of high-quality individuals that own a Super Bowl ring or Pro Bowl appearances. These aren’t just media members. They are former players that know exactly what is needed to be successful in the NFL. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NFL Total Access like NFL GameDay?

NFL Total Access is similar to NFL GameDay given that both are similar shows that highlight NFL games with the exception that it gives coverage for the week.

Is NFL Total Access like NFL Live?

NFL Total Access is comparable to NFL Live with the only main difference being the personnel and the network.

Does it cost money to watch NFL Total Access?

NFL Total Access does not cost money on its own as it is apart of NFL Network.