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ProFootballTalk (PFT) covers news from the National Football League (NFL). The site differs from traditional news outlets as it showcases a blog format. The posts are typically short and include links to the source of news. However, it has slowly become one of the quickest ways to stay up to date with ProFootballTalk rumors.

The main focus of PFT is churning out content around the NFL rumor mill. Throughout the season, weekly rankings, trade rumors, and fantasy positions are analyzed. Well-respected NFL writer Mike Florio is a main contributor to the site. Florio created the site in 2001 and it has grown to become an affiliate of NBC Sports, which was finalized in 2009. As of August 2020, it was announced that the site will stream exclusively on Peacock. 

The History of ProFootballTalk

ProFootballTalk was essentially a vision from a journalist. Mike Florio has kept this site running for 20 years. Without him, there would be no website. 

Mike Florio – The creator of ProFootballTalk

Before ProFootballTalk was created, Mike Florio was a standard journalist. In 2000, Florio began his career writing sports for a former NFL site called The site is now defunct and was eventually bought out by ESPN, where he continued to write football-related content. He worked for ESPN for six months before taking on his prized possession. 

In November 2001, Florio launched the site with the idea that this blog would focus on the NFL. At the time, Florio was practicing labor law in Clarksburg, West Virginia. He didn’t know that this site would progress as a fan-favorite among the NFL rumor mill. That is why in 2009, it became an affiliate of NBC Sports. While Florio retained ownership in revenue-sharing, NBC Sports became the holder of its exclusive rights. 

That led to Florio contributing to NBC Sports’ television show Football Night in America. After nearly a decade of coverage, NBC created their streaming service called Peacock. This is where ProFootballTalk is now exclusively steamed. 

The Appeal of ProFootballTalk

What makes ProFootballTalk appealing is that they go about their business in two ways. For starters, PFT does not have a network such as ESPN hovering over their shoulders. Their reporters are active on Twitter and have no problem fighting back with another reporter around the media. Next, their articles are short, sweet, and to the point. There is no beating around the bush, and fans appreciate that they can get their content in a quick, reasonable amount of time. 

ProFootballTalk’s beef with reporters

In the past, we have seen ProFootballTalk writers, such as Florio, get into heated arguments with former FOX analyst Jason Whitlock. Just recently, Florio got into a heated exchange with ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Fans notice that they are going to fight for the truth, even if that means getting into a battle with some of the media’s biggest names in the industry. 

Quick reading time

Most of the time, the articles on PFT are quick and about 200-300 words. They are very quick reads. Most of the content is linked to other sources, so you can get the full scope if you want to take the time. ProFootballTalk does a great job of laying out main ideas in a simple amount of words. 

NFL news and rumors

Two of the biggest names associated with the NFL are Ian Rapoport of NFL Network and Adam Schefter of ESPN. Both media writers are a constant fixture in updating sports fans of what is happening in the community of the NFL rumors mill. Outside of that, ProFootballTalk rumors follow that of the two heavy hitters and provide their commentary. 

Typically, PFT keeps up with the NFL rumor mill thanks to both Rapoport and Schefter. They use their updates to create content to keep the football community updated. Outside of NFL Network and ESPN, other platforms keep pace with them. ProFootballTalk rumors are to the NFL like MLB Trade Rumors is Major League Baseball. 

With that said, both Florio and Josh Alper have confirmed stories on their own. As recently as N’Damakong Suh talked to Jared Goff about going to the Detroit Lions, these three media platforms are essentially the “Big Three” of covering the NFL. 

Given their track record, these rumors are typically validated. In the past decade, PFT has had a pretty clean track record. Their main notable errors came in 2007 when they released an article that former Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw died in a car accident. Then in 2009, PFT quoted Keshawn Johnson referring to Joe Flacco as a “bum” but that was later corrected. All in all, this is a trustworthy site for rumors and PFT power rankings. 

NFL power rankings

The PFT Power Rankings are a weekly update about who are the best teams in the NFL. Florio takes command of this weekly football rankings article. The article usually runs on Tuesdays after the completion of the Monday Night Football matchup. It features their record and last week’s ranking. 

NBC Sports also gives weekly rankings like PFT Power Rankings. Their article is a little denser. Their rankings only feature a ranking, their outcome of that week’s matchup, and maybe one sentence of material. While ProFootballTalk’s coverage may not be as thorough either, the weekly rankings from NBC NFL are not on the same level in terms of knowledge. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to ProFootballTalk?

In 2009, ProFootballTalk became an affiliate of NBC Sports.