Twitch NFL


In April, the NFL and Amazon announced a multi-year agreement to extend their partnership in delivering digital streams of Thursday Night Football on Twitch NFL. Including interactive features like X-ray and Next Gen Stats, fans have been brought closer together  with The NFL on Prime Video and Twitch. Choosing from multiple alternative audio options, members will be able to have access to a slew of opportunities. The live stream for Thursday Night Football started on October 8th and will run all the way until Christmas Day. 

How To Watch NFL Games On Twitch NFL

Twitch is an online platform that allows its users to broadcast themselves live over the Internet. Streamers have made a living off this platform, but it’s slowly becoming a place for sports fans to tune in to watch their favorite team play. Twitch has built a sports platform from the NFL to the English Premier League. 

To begin, you will need to create an account on Twitch. From there, you can personalize your channel to let viewers know who you are. You will need a profile image that represents who you are. The reason you will need this is because when you watch sports through Twitch NFL, you will typically watch the games in a viewing party. In those parties you will communicate with other patrons who are watching the games. 

Here are some other important components you will need to think about as well. 

Going Live

Going live is equivalent to facetime on your cellular device. All interactions that you give can be seen by surrounding members. Again, most live streams are hosted by a viewing party, so you will need to go live. There is some equipment that you will need in order to perform this task. 

For starters, you will need a PC or Mac and a good internet connection. You will need some form of camera, such as a webcam. In order to talk, you will need a microphone, something external for good sound. Finally, you will need the broadcast software. The best option is to use Twitch Studio or OBS (PC/Mac). 

Internet Connection

As previously mentioned, Twitch is a platform that is streamed through the Internet. Having a stable internet connection is incredibly important to have a successful streaming experience. If you have an unstable connection, the viewers, or yourself, will see buffering, stuttering, and choppy images. This could lead to you having to restart your computer. 

If you want to know how to know if you have a stable connection, your safest best is having a good hardwired connection. A lot of devices rely on the Wi-Fi connection, but when many devices are connected, this slows down the internet speed. If you have a connected cable, you are driving your internet directly from the source. 

What Games Are Available on Twitch NFL?

Here are the remaining slate of Thursday Night Football games through Prime Video and Twitch NFL. One disclaimer is that the game between the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints on Christmas Day is actually going to be on a Friday. All games are broadcasted through FOX or NFL Network. 

  • Oct 8 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Chicago Bears
  • Oct 15 – Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills
  • Oct 22 – New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles
  • Oct 29 – Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers
  • Nov 5 – Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers
  • Nov 12 – Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans
  • Nov 19 – Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks
  • Dec 3 – Dallas Cowboys at Baltimore Ravens
  • Dec 10 – New England Patriots at Los Angeles Rams
  • Dec 17 – Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders
  • Dec 25 – Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints

How To Watch Sports Using Amazon Prime Video?

If you have a Prime subscription, there are some live sports that are available for free. Thursday Night Football on Amazon is just one example. For other sports, you have to add the Amazon Prime Video Channel. Then, you have to open that channel in your web browser or the Prime Video application on your steaming device. 

Here’s a quick step by step guide to add a sports channel to your Amazon Prime subscription. 

  1. Load /primevideo
  2. Click on channels
  3. Click on see more (located next to Prime Video Channels)
  4. Click on the channel that you want to add
  5. Click on the show or the banner
  6. Start your free trial if there is one offered

Once you add your sports channels, you will be able to watch live sports when the game or match is live. If there is a live game available, you will see the game in progress on the channel page. 

Twitch NFL Or Amazon Prime NFL?

Given that Twitch is a part of Amazon Prime NFL, it is the better choice. With Prime, you can access sports channels, but it will force you to get a subscription for their respective applications. By the time that it adds up, you would be paying subscription plans for various channels and it would be close to a standard cable package. With Twitch, you can find a host and pay absolutely nothing. 

Twitch offers the opportunity for sports to stream directly to their fans. If you find the right quality of a video, it’s just as clear as using other options. This is an up and coming channel that you want to familiarize yourself with for the foreseeable future.