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How to Watch NFL Thursday

Thursday Night Football (TNF) have become a prominent part of the week for American Football fans, as they will get to unwind in front of the television and take in a rare mid-week offering. It has been a regular part of the schedule since being introduced in 2006, but at that stage, it was part of the Run to the Playoffs package. However, since 2012, Thursday games have been prominent throughout the season starting from the second week of the season. But, how can fans watch the NFL Thursday Night Football action?

Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime

It was revealed earlier this year that Amazon Prime NFL would have live coverage of the NFL season in 2020-21. The streaming giant signed a deal with the NFL that ensured that games would be streamed on their site until 2022. This season there will be eleven live games through the season. Ten of these games will also be shown live on Fox, while Amazon Prime would also get one exclusively live game just for themselves.

The experience that fans can have when watching a game with Amazon is second to none, as there will be a number of different audio options available to streamers. Meanwhile, viewers will also be kept up to date with the latest stats, thanks to features like Next Gen Stats and X-Ray.

New customers will be able to take advantage of a free 30-day trial when signing up, but they will need to opt-in for the plan that they would like after the trial. The preferred option is the standard Prime Video package, which will cost $8.99 per month. You will be able to watch Thursday Night Football with Amazon Prime on all smart televisions, as well as on your mobile devices. You can also stream from your mobile device using the Amazon Fire Stick and Chromecast.

These are the fixtures that have already been announced for Amazon Prime this season:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Chicago Bears (October 8th)
  • Kansas City Chiefs @ Buffalo Bills (October 15th)
  • New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles (October 22nd)
  • Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers (October 29th)
  • Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers (November 5th)
  • Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans (November 12th)
  • Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks (November 19th)
  • Dallas Cowboys @ Baltimore Ravens (December 3rd)
  • New England Patriots @ Los Angeles Rams (December 10th)
  • Los Angeles Chargers @ Las Vegas Raiders (December 17th)
  • Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints (Friday December 25th)

NFL Game Pass

If you want to watch every game on NFL Thursday throughout the season, then you will need to get the NFL Game Pass. The Thursday Night Football show that is live every Thursday Night has some of the most knowledgeable guests and offers an American Football fan the ultimate game experience.

The NFL Network has 14 of the 16 games that are played on Thursday throughout the season. The only NFL Thursday games that you will not be able to watch with the Game Pass is the opening game of the season, and the Thanksgiving game. However, NFL fans will also get exclusive coverage to three games that can’t be seen anywhere else. The three exclusive games that the Game Pass gives fans access to are played in weeks two, three and four. Those fixtures are:

  • Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns (September 17th)
  • Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville Jaguars (September 24th)
  • Denver Broncos @ New York Jets (October 1st)

Signing up to get the Game Pass is also straightforward for fans, as they can do that on the Game Pass site. New customers will be able to take advantage of the seven-day free pass before paying for their subscription. To watch the NFL Thursday Night games live, users must have a Pro package. You will be able to pay for this annually for a price of $184.99, or at a monthly cost of $46.25. There are four monthly instalments.

You will be able to watch all NFL games throughout the season with this package, including the NFL Thursday Night Football games. Meanwhile, games will be able to be streamed on mobile devices, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on smart televisions.

Watch Thursday Night Football on FOX

FOX also have eleven games through the regular season in the NFL, which will be played on NFL Thursday. They started broadcasting live games as part of a new long-term deal with the NFL back in 2018. Fox will pay the NFL $3.3 billion per season to have live coverage of the same eleven games that the NFL Network has (excluding the three mentioned previously).

FOX isn’t a cheap subscription for NFL fans, as it will cost $60 for the basic package, which includes all the sports channels. You will be able to stream games from FOX with the Sling TV, fuboTV NFL and AT&T TV Now apps. However, the majority of people in the United States that pay for FOX would add it onto their television package, which will mean that they will just need a satellite and will not need to worry about games lagging due to poor Wi-Fi connection.


The most irritating aspect for NFL fans that want to watch Football on Thursday Night is that no network has access to all games that are played on a Sunday. While the majority of fixture are shared by the NFL Network, Amazon Prime and FOX, none of them gets to broadcast the two games that NBC have. The two games that NBC have on Thursday nights are the opening match of the season and the game that takes place on Thanksgiving. Those fixtures for the 2020-21 season are:

  • Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs (September 10th)
  • Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers (November 26th)

NBC will exclusively have live coverage of these two games, which means that the only way to watch them will be with access to the NBC Sports Network. However, that isn’t free for viewers. The cheapest way to access the NBC Sports Network is through Sling TV, and their blue plan. This will cost $25 per month to watch the action.

Can I Watch NFL Thursday Games For Free?

Many American Football fans often try and find free ways to watch the NFL Thursday Night Football games. However, unless you’re taking advantage of a free trial, like the one offered on the NFL Game Pass or Amazon Prime, then it is easier to pay for the best viewing experience. Streaming sites only aren’t legal, and they often have very delayed streams and poor viewing and sound quality. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best NFL Thursday viewing experience, then it is easiest to sign up for one of the sites that we have mentioned above.

Can I Watch NFL Thursday Games On Amazon Prime?

Yes. Amazon Prime will have eleven live NFL Thursday games this season, with one of those being exclusive for the streaming site.

Which Teams Are Playing In The Thanksgiving Game This Year?

The Thanksgiving game this season will see the Baltimore Ravens take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. The game will be exclusively live on NBC.

What Channels Are NFL Thursday Games On?

The majority of the NFL Thursday games are live on the Game Pass. Amazon Prime will also be broadcasting eleven of the games this season, while NBC have two fixtures. FOX also has eleven games on Thursdays.   

Can I Watch NFL Thursday Games For Free?

However, unless you’re taking advantage of a free trial, like the one offered on the NFL Game Pass or Amazon Prime, then it is easier to pay for the best viewing experience.

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