Week 7 NFL Preview


Week 7 of the NFL was kicked off last night on Thursday Night Football featuring the New York Giants versus the Philadelphia Eagles. In what was a closely contested game that saw the Giants in control for the majority of it, Eagles QB Carson Wentz led a late surge that ultimately helped his team win the game. With the weekend around the corner, we can take a look ahead at the some of the biggest games that will be happening.

Typically, after the first six weeks of the season, we are able to cast judgements on teams. In other words, we have a pretty good feel of who the good teams are, who the bad teams are, and who the teams are that fall in the middle of the pact. Week 7 will feature some huge games that can having last impact on the remainder of the season. For those who do not get the NFL games on local listings, or do not have basic cable, another great way to stay in tune with the league is through NFL Game Pass.

We have a battle of the undefeated between the 5-0 Pittsburgh Steelers and 5-0 Tennessee Titans. Another big game is between the 3-3 Carolina Panthers and 3-2 New Orleans Saints. The Saints are hoping that star wideout Michael Thomas, will make his return as he has been injured since Week 1. During Week 1, he suffered an ankle injury that kept him sidelined for around a month. He was then disciplined for getting into a fight during practice. Now, he has a hamstring injury that has caused him to miss multiple days of practice this week and is putting his status for Sunday in serious jeopardy. Two other big games this week are the two that actually got flexed. America’s Game of the Week will be in Vegas between the 4-2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the 3-2 Las Vegas Raiders. The other, will be the Sunday Night game featuring the 5-0 Seattle Seahawks and 4-2 Arizona Cardinals.

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Last week’s Sunday Night Football game between the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams had over 12 million viewers through NBC. If you are a football fan and have missed out on the action due to expensive cable packaging and overpriced sports packaging, now is your time to become a subscriber of NFL Game Pass! It offers reasonable pricing, as well as a chance to check out your favorite team play. Come join today!